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Kong Latest Security Engineer Job

Kong Latest Security Engineer Job:

About Company : Kong Inc. is a software firm that offers open-source platforms and cloud services for managing, monitoring, and scaling APIs and microservices. Kong Inc.’s products include Kong Gateway, an open-source API gateway; Kong Enterprise, an API platform built on top of Kong Gateway; Kong Konnect, a service connectivity platform; Kuma, an open-source service mesh; Kong Mesh, an enterprise-grade service mesh built on Kuma; and Insomnia, an open-source API design and testing tool.

Mashape, Inc. was founded in the United States after the original invention was developed in Milan, Italy, in 2009. The original idea was a mash-up platform (web application hybrid) that combined various functionality and user interface components from third-party businesses and services. While creating the product, the team encountered a lot of APIs, prompting the founders to construct a central center to organize the increasing API industry. Mashape first emerged online as an Alpha product in November 2010, followed by a private Beta launch in June 2011. The team raised the initial cash in the United States. Mashape acquired their first round of angel finance in 2010, followed by $1,500,000 in startup capital. Mashape then declined several purchase bids in 2011.

What You Will be Doing in Company ?

  1. Execute, design, and record incident management guidelines and processes for Kong.
  2. Lead the Security Incident Response Team (SIRT) to apply strategy, standards, processes, and technology to detect, respond, and recover from security incidents while limiting the effect of any such occurrence.
  3. Prioritizes events by correlating data with existing technologies to eliminate false positives and detect risks.
  4. Analyze and optimize security alerts, understand events, and develop new signals based on signatures and behavioral activities.
  5. Respond to security incidents, lead investigations, and carry out forensics on IT systems as required.
  6. Guide or lead mitigation strategies for identified vulnerabilities and threats.
  7. Conduct threat hunting operations, forecast future threats, and develop forward-thinking strategies for tools, technology, and processes used to battle sophisticated threat actors.
  8. Assist with implementing countermeasures or mitigating controls.

What skills do you require?

  1. Experience in crisis management, specifically in preventing occurrences from becoming crises.
  2. Using crises as an opportunity for creativity, situational awareness, and problem-solving. Embracing automation, delegation, and scalability through playbooks and successful processes.
  3. Drive the automation of processes and workflows to detect, confine, and eradicate active harmful actors.
  4. Experience developing and managing security information/event management systems (SIEM), centralized logging, and enrichment solutions (endpoint protection/detection, network telemetry data, ELK, Splunk, Snowflake, AWS services, HR systems, codebase infrastructure, and build infrastructure).
  5. Practical familiarity with cloud technologies, including the ability to create and deploy solutions using Terraform.
  6. Ability to automate workflows using Python, Ruby, and Javascript scripting languages.

Experience Required : 0 -3 years of collaborative experience in building and operating security information/event management systems.

Job Location : Bangalore , India

What is the salary of Security Engineer fresher in India?

The average initial salary for a Security Engineer in India is approximately ₹3.0 Lakhs per year (₹25.0k per month).

Is Kong a good place to work?

Kong is committed to people who are hungry, humble, honest, and act with heart. Companies vision is to assist create the world’s most customer-centric businesses.

How many employees does Kong have?

Kong has total 500+ employees in 25+ Countries.

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