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Disco Latest UI Designer Job

Disco Latest UI Designer Job:

About Company : DISCO applies artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and data analytics to the practice of law, allowing attorneys to focus on what matters most: obtaining justice for their clients and winning the world’s most significant conflicts. DISCO released Case Builder in 2020, offering tools that span all aspects of the litigation lifecycle. DISCO’s current product line comprises DISCO Request, DISCO Hold, and a suite of professional services.

What You Will be Doing in Company ?

  1. Prototype and develop concepts with varying degrees of fidelity, then test them iteratively with representative users and domain experts.
  2. Provide elegant answers to complicated design and usability concerns, putting the user first in everything you do.
  3. Prototypes, site maps, journey maps, and usability test findings can all help you communicate your designs and their underlying reasons.
  4. Assist with research and research synthesis to better understand consumer demands and use cases.
  5. Collaborate with other designers and engineers to set up, maintain, and develop DISCO’s design system.
  6. Collaborate with engineers throughout the development process to discover bugs and ensure that designs meet agreed-upon standards.

What skills do you require?

  1. Excellent design skills in Figma.
  2. Experience with design thinking approaches like Jobs To Be Done (JTBD)
  3. Ability to seamlessly transition from concepts and ideation to precise implementation while maintaining top-notch workmanship throughout deliverables.
  4. Keeping up with the newest industry trends, technology, and design patterns.
  5. A self-starter with a proactive approach who can work independently and collaboratively.
  6. A sense of whether to apply recognized best practices versus adapting or inventing new ones.
  7. Takes an organized, pragmatic, and holistic approach to problem-solving.

Experience Required : 3+ years experience in product design

Job Location : Gurugram, Haryana, India

How many employees does Disco have?

Disco have around 600+ employees.

Is Disco a good place to work?

91% of DISCO Corporation employees say it’s a great place to work, compared to 57% of employees at the average U.S. company.

Is Disco an Indian company?

The company was founded in 1969 by DISCO Corporation, a Japanese company. Within the semiconductor sector, we seek to achieve our mission of bringing faraway science to pleasant life with sophisticated Kiru, Kezuru, and Migaku technologies.

Selection Process
Online Test:

The Disco online test comprises questions from several parts such as quantitative aptitude, reasoning ability, verbal ability, and English grammar. The test lasts around 60 minutes. Each section of the test, Quantitative Ability, Reasoning, and Verbal Ability, has a separate time limit, and all questions in that area must be completed within that time frame. The candidate can attempt questions in any order but cannot attempt questions from other parts, which implies that he or she must first complete one section (such as reasoning) before moving on to the others.

Technical Round:

The candidate who passes the online test is eligible for the technical round. This technical round is designed to assess your fundamental or advanced concepts, as well as your technical proficiency in the relevant sector. The questions will be from various subjects. Students from non-IT branches should study the fundamentals of their respective fields. Some puzzle questions may be asked during the interviews.

HR Round:

The candidate who clears the online test is eligible for the Technical round. This technical round is about checking your basic or advanced concepts and how good you are technically in the related field. Questions will be from different subjects. candidates should be prepared with Data structures and Algorithms, DBMS, Operating Systems, Networking, OOP concepts, and a programming language. Students from branches other than IT should prepare basic concepts of their branch. Some puzzle questions might be asked in some of the interviews.

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